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1944-64 Distributor Cap Rotor Atlas 346

1948-49-50-51-52-53-54-55-56 Ignition Rotor | 1944-64 Atlas 346 | Bo1626

International Tractor Point Set Ampco IH-14

International IHC Contact Set Ampco IH-14 | Contact Set | BO1017

Case I.H.C. Oliver Tractor Badger Gas Cap 3

Case McCormick Oliver Tractor Badger Gas Cap 3 | Gas cap | 749B.3

IHC Contact Set Echlin CS-1602

Crosses Over To Niehoff IH-8 | IHC Points | Don3080

IHC Tractor Contact Set Echlin CS-1601

This Point Set Crosses over to Niehoff IH-3 | IHC Tractor | Don3076

IHC Tractor Contact Set Echlin CS-1603

This Set of Points Crosses over to Niehoff IH-4 | IHC Tractor | Don3077

IHC Tractor Echlin Point Set

Contact Set Niehoff IH-2 | IHC Tractor | Don3075

1955-60 Rare Farm Equipment Shurhit Rotor Shurhit D-143

1955 To 1960 Rare Farm Equipment Shurhit Rotor D-143 | Rotor D-143 | BO576

Cub Tractor Point Set Ampco IH-10

Cub Tractor Contac Set Ampco IH-10 | Tractor | BO1023

Tractor Condenser Echlin IH-201

Crosses Over to Niehoff IH-21 | Tractor Condenser | Don3085

Tractor Rotor Echlin IH-301

Crosses Over to Niehoff IH45 | Tractor Rotor | Don3084

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