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Over the years we have accumulated thousands of small items (Points, Condensers, Rotors, Springs, Hood Letters, Paint Chips, Gas Line Filters, NOS FoMoCo GM Mopar Service Items, and so on) that are not worth what we would have to charge for them so we have elected to give one away for fore each $40 spent on the site

You'll see the items listed - or you can click the penny to see them all!

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Edge-Trim 5/16 inch ( 2 items )

Sold By the ft. Flexible Rubber Edge Trim HR-70L

1/4 Inch Opening Universal U Channel Rubber Edge Trim HR-70 | Edge Trim HR-70L | HR70L

5 Ft. Special of HR-70L Rubber Edge Trim

3516 Inch Opening Universal U-Channel Rubber Edge Trim HR-70L | Edge Trim HR-70Ls | Spc70L
$13.75 $9.00
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